Photos from our tour of the Weaver Model Train factory in Northumberland, PA. The Weaver team were nice enough to give Mark and I a tour on June 21, 2010, of their facility to see the process of manufacturing their model trains. Weaver is a manufacturer of quality “O” Gauge Freight Cars & Locomotives (¼” scale). To learn more about Weaver Model Trains, their products and history please visit their website at

The Weaver Building

Display shelf, as you enter the small lobby, displaying several of the Weaver products. Every where you looked there were model trains sitting around. Mark and I felt like kids in a candy store.

PS-2 Covered Hoppers waiting to be assembled.

Detail parts for the PS-2 Covered Hopper assembly. All the plastic parts for Weaver's cars are manufactured locally.

Box Car parts still on the plastic tree.

A box of GP38 Sheels waiting to be painted.

The Paint Guy painting the frames for the Boston & Maine GP38.

Masked and Painted Boston & Maine GP38 frames.

Painted Shell and spec sheet for the Boston & Maine GP38. Each color is masked and sprayed seperatly. No automated paint machine used here. All of Weaver's painting is done in shop one car at a time using their own brand of paint (Scalecoat Paint).

What the finished paint scheme will look like on the Boston & Maine GP38.

One of the plates used in pad printing the Bllomsburg University Cars.

Finished Bloomsburg University Cars

The Engine Guys work station. Here the engines are tested and repaired.

An engine in for repair.

Tucked away in a back corner is the test track.

Some products on the test track

The Weaver factory building in Northumberland, PA.

Some of my Weaver cars and Locomotives

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