In the beginning of June 2011 this LORAM Rail Grinder arrived in Nescopeck, PA and was parked on one of the sidings at the CP Rail field office. The LORAM #J-10 Rail Grinder was built in the 1980ís and is used to grind the rails at switches and crossings. Over the next 2 weeks a small LORAM crew worked long days to dismantle, repair, rebuild and repaint the rail grinder. They replaced the water tank, air tanks spark guard and sent the generator out for repair. New hose reels, fire extinguishers and water bottles were installed on the ends along with numerous other parts, as well as added control systems and a new video montioring system with 2 cameras mounted on each side of the cab. They cleaned and sanded the old paint in order to give it a fresh coat of yellow and black and added new decals. While photographing the progress I was able to talk to one of the crew members about the work being done. He was very kind to take some time and tell me all about the work saying it was the first major maintenance on the machine in years and they only had a 2 week window to complete it before it was scheduled to be sent to it's next contracted job.

The LORAM crew getting to work.

They day it arrived in Nescopeck.

You can see the generator cover sitting to the righton the ground.

Another view with the water tank and generator removed.

Missing it's water tank and generator.

New water tank and generator installed.

Another view with the new water tank and generator installed.

Masked and ready for paint.

Another view of it masked and ready for paint.

Fresh coat of yellow paint.

Fresh coat of yellow paint.

Un-masked from painting. Bottom part has a new coat of black. New hose reels hung on the ends and the railings have been repainted and installed.

Wearing new Black and Yellow Paint. Now with the railings and other parts installed.

View from the other side.

New tool boxes, fire extinguishers and water tanks on the ends.

New Silver Spark Guard installed around the bottom.

Now wearing it's new logo and warning signs installed.

Wearing it's now Logo on the side.

LORAM maintenance truck.

All finished and out for a test run.

Close up of the Grinding set. There are 5 sets on each side.

Close up of the Drive Wheels.

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